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Custom Reports


Maintaining systems relevant to current technology is one of the key areas of our service offering.

With our Clients experiencing the resource squeeze in their workplace we find as contractors we must work smarter to deliver required outcomes whilst maintaining market competitiveness.

Individual Workflow capabilities tailored to each client’s needs.

Tailor-made reporting platform

The technology we have embraced helps us deliver key benefits to our clients, some of these include:-

* Mobility Platform that operates in Live time allowing Live updates of Job Statuses.

* Prompt Service Reports and Invoices

* Full Customization of client reporting platform, specific to individual Clients.

What our customers say !

‘MBT did an excellent job with the Caulfield Plaza flooring project. The new flooring really gives a new face to the Plaza. In regards to the project as a whole, MBT was fully cooperative from start to finish and ensured none of our tenants had to close during the project as requested.’

Dody Kurnianto
Technical Support Officer,
Caulfield Plaza

‘The builders have done a fantastic job with the renovations, yes no disruptions at all.’

Soula Tsoulios
Administrative Officer
Department of Management
Monash University

‘I would like to commend MBT on the workmanship that was delivered. You kept our project site clean at all times and your tradespeople were polite and easy to deal. We also appreciated your regular communication. I look forward to working with MBT in the future.’

Brent Parsons
Project Coordinator
Menzies Building 11 HDR Spaces
Monash University

We are a property maintenance service business offering multiple trades in a one stop shop

Our ‘partnership’ approach with our clients creates a platform of strong communication and cohesive approach, to better understand each client’s individual needs and customize our services to best meet these identified needs.

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