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Proactive Maintenance Programs V.S Reactive Maintenance Approach

A lot of companies are reactive to maintenance issues. They wil delay repairs until a more serious incident occurs that shift priority to a higher level. Only then appropriate action is taken. Research strongly suggest that real savings can be achieved through proactive maintenance programs. By being proactive with your maintenance smaller issues don’t turn into larger costly issues. With a proactive maintenance program you are on top of your maintenance at all times having more control of your costs. Some key elements to a successful proactive maintenance program:


– Cohesive transparent approach with client/provider.
– Strong KPI’s and measurement of improvement.
– A clear understanding of outcomes.
– Strong commitment to the program.
– Short, Medium & Long Term maintenance strategy required.
– Regular milestone review.
– Priority setting.
– Ability to adjust quickly.
– Measurement of the decline of reactive works spend.

What our customers say !

‘MBT did an excellent job with the Caulfield Plaza flooring project. The new flooring really gives a new face to the Plaza. In regards to the project as a whole, MBT was fully cooperative from start to finish and ensured none of our tenants had to close during the project as requested.’

Dody Kurnianto
Technical Support Officer,
Caulfield Plaza

‘The builders have done a fantastic job with the renovations, yes no disruptions at all.’

Soula Tsoulios
Administrative Officer
Department of Management
Monash University

‘I would like to commend MBT on the workmanship that was delivered. You kept our project site clean at all times and your tradespeople were polite and easy to deal. We also appreciated your regular communication. I look forward to working with MBT in the future.’

Brent Parsons
Project Coordinator
Menzies Building 11 HDR Spaces
Monash University

We are a property maintenance service business offering multiple trades in a one stop shop

Our ‘partnership’ approach with our clients creates a platform of strong communication and cohesive approach, to better understand each client’s individual needs and customize our services to best meet these identified needs.

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